They always lift each other up

For me it’s a reunion of friends, old and new, from different countries and different backgrounds that share the love for graffiti art. And I also like the fact that we get to collaborate, share ideas and learn from each other when we paint on the walls together.

As a music head myself, I’m also happy that from graffiti events like these, I get to discover some amazing artists like Tuan13, Mario Zwinkle, RacunKota, Yacko, Sonjah and more.

Especially coming from a country that barely has any concerts, acts that were happening during the events are something I really enjoy and always look forward to.

Diton King Royal Pride is also a great platform as they specifically choose the younger generation of local style writers and artists to showcase their talent.

I’m also hoping that next year Brunei and more countries can also be part of the SprayAsia event.

Indonesia graffiti is amazing to see, the local writers and people are very friendly and I can see how they all can get along so easily and have a good time together especially during gatherings and events. The respect that they have for each other, even from the way they speak with everyone, and how they treat their elders, shows that the Indonesian culture has molded with the Graffiti Culture in a very positive way.

The graff culture is so strong here, you can literally see it on the streets.

Graffiti has become more than just a hobby for a lot of people here, alot of them have made the lifestyle into careers which shows that graffiti from having its bad image for vandalism, has a very positive side that actually can help save a lot of lives.

In conclusion, the difference between the graffiti culture in other places and in Indonesia, in other places most people always try to outdo each other to be on top. But in Indonesia, they always lift each other up.

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