DRIPSNDROPS is multidisciplinary brand based in Bandung, Indonesia. Founded and supported by local graffiti artist from 2008 we committed to support local spray art scene into the next level by providing painting tools. and collaterals from internationally known providers.

DRIPSNDROPS emphasize their presence by broaden their presence into whole hip hop community.  In the course of development we support The Music(rap/emceeing, beatbox, deejaying), The Art (graffiti, street art), The Dance (breakdancing) and The Knowledge around it.

Aim for the top of the games, we integrate our brands into ideas named ‘Spread The Star’ and ‘Simple Is Not Easy’. Which represent our journey from the scratch into revelilng outcome of diverse and vibrant the streets has served.

Each of every of us have chance to shine up in the sky, Let’s Spread The Stars.