Monkey business the sequel – rebirth of prime

Monkey business the sequel – rebirth of prime

Artist: KATUN
The concept behind this monkey business 2 is about celebrating the evolution of katun signature ape in collaboration with dripsndrops from the beginning of their journey till the present.

High Casted
High Impact Resin
Hand Painted
13 CM Tall
Edition of 50

Katun profile:

Here to make a statement in the heart of a tropical peninsular in South East Asia – Katun, has honed his position as one of the top leading graffiti artists in Malaysia. A talented local who has created an identity and name for himself through his love of reinterpreting cartoon characters as his signature style.

Growing up in Malaysia, Katun’s quotidian exposure to monkeys and forestry in the region initially sparked his inspirations in creating his unique statement pieces – his apes. Known of its robust body form, Katun has redefined his apes to take a humanistic silhouette while staying true to the natural disjoined limbs of the Great Apes that are native to Malaysia – The Orangutan; translated “Man of the forest”.

To date, he has created his own art collective 4 Stages with brand collaborations with Vans, Marshall, New Era, Sony – and a notable roster of renowned artistes such as Grammy winners Chris Brown, Dua Lipa and Post Malone to name a few. With a growing worldwide presence, Katun’s work is sure to make a mark in your city soon!


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