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How is the Barcelona graffiti scene currently? Anything interesting? 

Graffiti in Barcelona remains the same. Crazy. I feel too many people painting the same things, similar to a theme park.  Perhaps very good for tourists but not so much for the locals.  Despite that, it’s the city where I was born and raised so I love it anyway.

A while back Barcelona was in the spotlight due to the Catalonia conflict. Did the conflict have any impact on the movement of graffiti artists there? 

I don’t think it had any impact on graffiti art.  It’s totally foreign to graffiti and nothing has changed since that conflict. What may have changed might be how other countries view us and possibly inspired someone in their work, but nothing else.

Regarding the Montana Cans Laia special edition, what’s the story with the color yellow? Why do you identify with this color?

I just love the color yellow. Some people say that it is a bad luck color, but it is also the color of sunlight, of gold.  To me, it is happy and very energetic and I always add it in my pieces. I just love this color.

Your work radiates fun vibes. Is your daily life also full of fun?

I try to live a happy and fun life, as much as I can, but it is impossible to be like this every day. The joy that my work gives off is a way to make other people smile, and it also makes me happier than if I’m drawing black demons. Hahahah

Any plans to visit Indonesia? What would you like to do if there was an opportunity to come to our country?

I like traveling very much.  I want to visit all the places in the world, and Indonesia is a place that I would love to visit. When I am at a new place, I love to see everything, try local foods, paint, and visit all the graffiti art in the area. Find me a good and interesting project and I will happily fly ! Hahahha

Do you have a special message for the graffiti artists in Indonesia? 

Yes, it’s the same message I have for all the graffiti artists in the world: respect and admire the work of others and then you will be respected.  Take care of the community and don’t step on someone else to benefit yourself. With love and a lot of work you will get what you want 🙂

IG: @iamlaia

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