BOLD is the new BLACK!

The marker bodies are made of premium aluminum that provide a superb haptic. Filled with the finest alcohol-based ultra black ink, they come in a tone aptly named „strong black“. This luscious, deep black ink is waterproof and UV-resistant, but not clothing friendly so take care when using it while wearing your Sunday bests.

The combination of our low viscosity ink and the premium German made pump action valve, allows marking on almost any surface with high ink flow, reliabily and consistantly. In the tagging game, the artist always decides, juicy and drippy, or clean and tight? The BOLD marker range is uncompromising and functional, fused with a sophisticated and lean look that is classic, not plastic.


As Cap famously stated in the iconic graffiti documentry Stylewars, „The object of the game is more!“. Therefore, the Montana BOLD Markers are made for heavy use. Equipped with durable replaceable tips and refillable aluminium bodies, longevity and endurance is the name of the game. In the streets, the buff never sleeps. With Montana BOLD Markers you can get up and, most importantly, stay up. Whether it be with your newly hit, rich and shiny, fresh black tags, or the stain left once it has been attempted to be buffed.

Montana Bold Markers available Here.

Source: Montana Cans

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