Frequently Asked Questions

How to order from Dripsndrops website?

If you’re new to Dripsndrops Website or never purchase online product before, don’t worry. Please go to our How To Order Page for more info. We give you step by step on how to purchase Dripsndrops product(s).

Why didn’t I receive a confirmation email yet?

First of all, we’d suggest you check your junk mail if you never been shopped with us before. Make sure Dripsndrops is on your safe senders list.

Orders usually take up to 48hrs to process, if you’re wondering why you haven’t received your confirmation email as quickly as usual – there’s nothing to worry about. Our system may be taking a little longer to get the emails out than normal during busy periods. If you still have not received an email please contact us at to make sure your order went through.

How long will it take for my online order to arrive?

For local orders generally take 3 – 5 business days or less to arrive from date purchased. But can take up to 1 – 2 weeks in some extreme cases.

For international shipping can take 1 – 3 weeks depend on courier services.

How can I find out about promotions?

We always try our best to inform you about promotions from Our website and social media channels. Please follow us at Instagram.

Sign up to our newsletter list, you will be alerted via email regarding any upcoming promotion.

When are particular items released?

Most of our items do not have set release dates. Please sign up to our Newsletter. You will receive email notifications each time we release a new product.

Will you be restocking any Dripsndrops products?

On occasion we will re-stock some of our popular items. Furthermore, we like to offer new product regularly which means we don’t tend to re-stock a lot of our items.

Please make sure to check back our website frequently if an item you want is not available at the time you are on the site.

Do you have a flagship store?

Our flagship stores located at:

  • Bandung – Jl. Banjarsari 7 No. 12 Antapani, Bandung – Indonesia
  • Jakarta – Pasar Santa Lt. 1 , Blok 26-27 BKS Jl. Cipaku, Jakarta Selatan – Indonesia
  • Yogyakarta – Jl. Langenastran Lor No. 28B Panembahan, Yogyakarta – Indonesia
  • Semarang – Jl. Wonodri Krajan 3 No. 41 Wonodri, Semarang – Indonesia

Any unanswered questions?