World Piece Book

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  WORLD PIECEBOOK, Global Graffiti Drawings. GRAFFITI GOES GLOBAL in this third volume from Sacha Jenkins and David Villorente’s groundbreaking Piecebook series. Featuring over 100 private blackbook drawing by top artists from every corner of the globe, World Piecebook delivers the best from Mexico’s Peque, Yas 5 and Nesm from Japan, Denmark’s Great and Swet,

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Hats Off


” Hats Off is a creative way to showcase and bring international artistic talent to Hong Kong. By using hats as a canvas for artwork, we are showing that art can be created and enjoyed in a unique way. We have put aside the differences in contemporary art, street art, and graffiti to bring together 78 artists from 15 countries for this exhibition. Through artistic expression our purpose is to entertain and promote creativity without any restraint. As “Hats Off” continues the journey to different cities, we hope this exciting collective display of artwork will encourage the local art scene and create a new passion for people who are not involved in the creative industry.”

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