Stay Gold

SG 1

Our new products are now available at our store. From our apparel, we have five new tees and a new hoodie with a Dripsndrops tag printed on the chest.  We also have graffiti tools and accessories straight from Montana. Montana Gold spray cans, Montana caps (from level 1 – level 6), Montana markers, Montana sketchbook

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      BDG RAP REUNION will feature some of the biggest names in Bandung’s Hiphop scene. Starting from the old-school to the new talents in the game. This event will also be the launch of BDG RAP DOC compilation album which compiles a brief history of Hiphop acts throughout the years. So if you

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Sketch Battle Part.1 Winner

SB 1

We’ve recieved so many awesome sketches and only 58 of them fitted the “Sketch Battle Part.1″ rules. Out of the 58, we had to pick only one winner and a favorite. The sketches are chosen based by stlye, coloring, and composition. We would like to thank all of you who participated. And here is the

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                          2012 PRODUCTS PART.1 DRIPSNDROPS newest products has just dropped. Four new high quality tees to fit your graffiti activities. Available in store and online shop this April.   Photographer: Rayiekha Racht Model: Ilham Habibie   *Check our online shop for graffiti tools

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Kul Sign 2012 Recap

KS 1

Kul Sign Festival graff comp/jam results: 1st- Katun (znc.phbklk.dpt), 2nd- Carpet (znc.phbklk.dpt), 3rd- Slacsatu (znc.phbklk.dpt) Crew battle: 1st- Bone x Siek (znc.phbklk) Dulux paint demo: Slacsatu (znc.phbklk.dpt), Shake (znc.fab.phbklk), Zids (znc.ybr), Nenok (pw) Special category: Clogtwo (znc.phbklk.dpt) feat. Inkten Thank’s to: WADEZIG, JOTKY, & BEE (PHBKLK)                  

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